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I’d like to share my experience with Christine Graves during my eldest’s home-school transition to college.

We initially partnered with an umbrella school aiding our course/test tracking, but as college and scholarships approached, things became more complex. 

Moving from our umbrella school to the county, as well as targeting the knowledge required for the SAT, got much easier once I started working with Christine.  She helped us schedule the transition to the county for State Scholarships, while providing us with tutors and resources to target elevating our SAT results.  These activities helped raise the test result by more than 200 points easily allowing us to qualify for the Florida Bright Futures scholarship. 

While home school teaching can sometimes be challenging, the biggest challenges happened when I needed to integrate with state systems around us.  Christine was able to fill the gaps for us.  She was quick to respond to questions, had solutions to my questions, and made connecting-the-dots seem much easier.  If it seems like this last part of home school education—the part where your teen is heading to college next—seems overwhelming, I highly recommend reaching out to Christine to see how she can help you.

 –Stacey V.

Christine has helped to put our minds at ease year after year. Being new to homeschooling, we’ve been on the journey of figuring it out. Christine not only wrote very thorough evaluations for my 2 children, she also made thoughtful recommendations for each of them after she got to know them, what their interests and learning styles are. She’s always been prompt when I reach out with a question, and she puts our minds at ease as we navigate high school, college readiness, and now dual enrollment. I can’t sing her praises loudly enough! Thank you, Christine!

-Megan H.

Mrs. Graves is so professional in her year-end reviews. Equal to the professionalism and knowledge she brings to the table is her sweetness to and genuine love for the students she reviews. I have three school age children, both elementary, but soon to be middle school and one preschooler. She has assessed my older two since their kindergarten year. All I had to do was provide was a quiet place and their portfolios and she engaged in a lively discussion over what they had learned and loved during the course of their homeschool year. I felt I could always ask her curriculum recommendations and trusted her opinion as she homeschooled her now grown children as well. She has been a guide to me and a friend to both my children and myself. I would highly recommend having year-end assessments performed by her.
-Beth M.

“I met Christine through a referral from a friend. I was a new homeschool mom, and did not know where to start, or even what I needed to present. Christine made that part so easy for me. She engages so beautifully with each child and meets them where they are in their individual education plans. As a new homeschool mom, and even now as I am 8 years in, she shares valuable resources, information, exercises, games, and different ideas to connect with my children. My girls only see her once a year, and yet look forward to showing “Mrs. Christine” all they have done the past year. She provides professional, and expert assessments of the children, and is so easy to work with and affordable too.”

-Jenna V.

“This was our first year homeschooling. I was so overwhelmed not knowing what I needed. Christine made it so easy for me and really took a weight off of my shoulders. We even have the pleasure of her tutoring our son in math! Our son loves working with her and how she explains things to him. Her words of encouragement keep him pushing. Thanks Christine!” ❤️

-Angelique R. 

Christine Graves from Bloom Homeschool has been a beacon of educational inspiration for my kids’ learning journey. Her unwavering support and personalized approach have been instrumental in their academic growth. With her guidance, they have not only mastered challenging writing assignments but also developed effective study habits. Christine’s passion for teaching is evident in every session, making learning enjoyable and enriching. I’m truly thankful for her expertise, patience, and commitment to their success. She has truly made a positive impact on their education and I’m forever grateful for her! 

-Pilar F.

Christine takes the time to understand your child’s strengths and gifts. She not only works with your child, but she gives tools and insight to the parents as well. Having had little success at a tutoring center, finding Christine was an answer to prayer for my son. She could relate to him, and the relationship between them increased his confidence and his desire to read! Her expansive knowledge base and personal experience in working with dyslexic children proved to be just what we needed. She has patience and used my child’s unique quirks and gifts in a manner that truly bridged an academic gap. We both looked forward to our weekly sessions with Mrs. Christine and highly recommend her services to anyone!

Susie  G.

We feel extremely fortunate to have found Christine Graves. She has provided our three children with annual portfolio evaluations for 5 years. Our children look forward to her coming each year and vie for her attention as she reviews the year’s work and progress. Over the years she has paid attention to how our family operates and has recommended specific curriculum. We have thrived under her recommendations. This year we have also employed her services for complete English/Language Arts tutoring. The fact that she truly loves educating children and watching them flourish is apparent every time. She is a breath of fresh air and we all anticipate her genuine and enthusiastic disposition. Her tutoring enables me to feel confident that our children are getting specific education in an area that I am not as structured in. It also affords us the opportunity of having another trustworthy adult pouring into them and providing healthy

We look forward to utilizing Bloom’s services for standardized testing this year as well. Our entire family has been greatly enriched by Christine Graves and I cannot imagine a better scenario for a complete package of homeschooling support.
-Rick & Cosette A.

“Homeschooling, especially through high school, can be one of the biggest decisions a parent makes, but Christine was able to understand my concerns and guide me to give me the confidence I needed to charge forward. As a homeschool mom of a junior and a freshman, I have been able to make decisions, through Christine’s counsel, about the final years of my children’s education that have given me a peace of mind for the future.” God Bless,
-Lydia S.

“I am a working mother of twin 12 year old boys. Over the last several years as my
boys have been challenged with higher level advanced classes in both private and
public school, I felt the need to find suitable tutoring to keep them sharp and
performing at their best. Mrs. Graves not only was flexible in her hours, but extremely effective in identifying the need of each of my boys. These needs are very different and she was able to assess quickly their individual learning styles and develop a tutoring program that worked for them. After moving from a private school with small class sizes to a public middle school we found that Mrs. Graves had been able to keep both my boys focused on the academics as well as on the love of learning. She provided a great mix of sparking desire as well as good old fashion hard work to learn the material. Super happy with her approach and her knowledge!”
-Elesa, Winter Garden

Ms. Christine, I thought you would be pleased to know that my son has been accepted into all 4 colleges of which he applied: UCF, USF, FSU – and we just found out today – UF.

Now he has some decisions to make and to lock in scholarships! Thank you again for your assistance with the SAT and ACT prep. I know raising his scores helped his chances of admission 🙂
-Jodie D.

Mrs. Graves has been instrumental in helping my children learn to focus, apply critical thinking, and achieve their maximum potential. She has worked with three of my sons who all have different temperaments and aptitude and is able to individualize her instruction to address each of my child’s needs. With our busy schedule her flexibility to travel to our home and work with them has allowed our family to maintain school and extracurricular activities.”
-Beth from Windermere, FL

“Christine did a fabulous job tutoring my son in preparation for the SAT exam. This was the third time he was going to sit for the exam and was experiencing a lot of stress since even after using a different tutor for the second attempt, his scores were no better than his first attempt. He had his heart set on attending Florida Gulf Coast University and was informed that his application was on hold because they needed higher SAT scores. After the help of Christine, he scored 50 points higher on reading and 50 points higher on writing. Christine reviewed the materials with him efficiently and focused the tutoring on the strategies he needed in order to perform better. She gave him more confidence and helped him achieve the scores he needed for acceptance. I am happy to say my son is attending Florida Gulf Coast University this fall.”
-Dawn from Metrowest, FL

“Christine Graves is everything you want in a person; not only to teach, mentor and guide your child, but to bring him or her to the next level in education. She is a caring and charismatic individual, a patient and warm instructor and an intelligent and creative person who keeps up with the every changing time of technology and education. She is dedicated to working with your child no matter what level he/she may be and will support him/her each and every day.

My son thoroughly enjoyed having Christine as an educator in both a private school setting and in summer tutoring sessions. “Ms. Graves makes learning fun and I would like to see her every day” came right from my son’s own voice. I have already enrolled my child in her summer program and encourage you to do the same.”
-Debbie from Metrowest, Fl


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