Bloom can help you assess your children in order to learn what their inherent strengths are, how far they have progressed from last year and how effective your curriculum and delivery of it has been.


Standardized Testing and/or Portfolio Evaluations

  • Florida Certified Teacher Administrators
  • Live Proctors
  • Flexible Accommodations
  • Simple Process
  • Results Emailed Upon Completion
  • Annual Portfolio Evaluations

Bloom offers a relaxed and supported opportunity for your child to showcase his/her annual academic accomplishments to a certified teacher via a Zoom session or in person.

The appointment also includes a personalized advising opportunity for the parents to discuss growth, goals, resources and any other concerns.

Upon completion, Bloom will provide the required documentation for your annual state/county requirements.

  • What To Bring:

1. Curriculum List – a list of curriculum that was used throughout the school year in each subject, including a book list of what your child has read

2. Activity Log – a list of activities that were completed for each subject. This may be weekly lesson plan templates that have been filled out by subject.

3. Work Samples – at least three examples of your child’s work in each core subject, spaced throughout the year.

4. Each student may also be asked to read something aloud to the evaluator.

5. Contact us for portfolio evaluation information/scheduling.

  • Online Stanford 10 For Grades 3-12 Testing

While the Stanford-10 is not a timed test, Bloom has created flexible schedule guidelines with a dedicated proctor for your student to be fully supported over the phone and online throughout the entire test. The proctor will read all of the subtest instructions aloud, be able to view the progress of your student’s test in real time and be directly reachable by phone.

The Stanford-10 National Achievement Test is a nationally recognized test used by educators across the United States, particularly in private schools and homeschools.

As a norm-referenced test, the Stanford-10 not only provides your child’s scores in each academic area, but also shows how their scores compare to other students’ scores across the nation.

The Stanford Achievement series has a rich history of demonstrating academic excellence and has earned its acceptance as a nationally normed achievement test, meeting most states’ testing requirements.

Tech Requirements & Delivery with Integrity

What to expect when Taking the Online Stanford 10:

1. Click on “Test Registration” to pick your student’s testing date. Or, click “Contact Us” to schedule a customized private testing event.
2. Check your email for your order confirmation, Unique student ID number, and the next steps to prepare for the test.

Sample Practice Test Instructions

3.  When it’s time for the practice test, students log into the the computer they plan to use on testing day while calling into a conference call with their proctor using a cell phone or land line. They will take the mandatory 30-45 minute Practice Test to trouble shoot technical issues and get familiar with test navigation and question types.
4. Upon completion of the practice test, you’ll receive the Test Day Instructions.
5. On the scheduled testing day, just follow follow the Test Day Instructions.
6. Upon completion of the test, an official score report will be sent to your email.
If you would like a personalized score report interpretation with academic advising, let us know.  We will schedule the appointment for you at your convenience.

Testing for this year concludes on July 2nd. For the upcoming season, we plan to open registration for 2025 in January, after we upgrade and enhance our website registration processes. The first testing dates will be available on March 24th and 25th.

The PEP scholarship offers priority renewal to those who complete their tests by April 1st.

For more information, please contact us at: testing@BloomHomeschool.com

Online Stanford 10 Testing Registration

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